Packing Tips For Placing Items In Storage

29 December 2014
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When packing your items to be placed into storage, you will want to make sure that you take the time to protect them in advance so that you do not lose anything from negligence. Packing is a tedious process if you want your belongings to be safe and if you want to be able to find them easily when looking through your storage unit. Here are some guidelines that you can use to help keep your items in good condition and some tips on organizing to help you find your stuff at a later date.


When packing furniture to be placed into storage, disassemble larger pieces so that they will fit in your unit easily. You will want to wrap everything with plastic so that moisture and debris will not compromise the material your furniture is made from. Keep pieces together by taping bags with hardware to the larger pieces. You will want to label these bags in case they become separated from the furniture to which they belong.


Delicate items should be wrapped in bubble wrap and then wrapped again with something made of cloth. Newspaper is not enough to keep breakables safe. You could wrap items in paper and then wrap in bubble wrap, if desired. The newsprint may rub off on the item however, leaving it with ink to try to remove.

Place breakables in a plastic storage tub rather than in a cardboard box so that it has less chance in being broken should the bin fall to the floor. Cardboard can get crushed from other materials, breaking the contents within in the process. You could also place smaller fragile items inside of drawers or cabinets of furniture that you are placing into storage.

In The Unit

Before putting anything into storage, place plastic tarps on the floor of your unit to help keep moisture from ruining anything that may touch the floor. You will not need to do this if your storage unit is temperature-controlled.

Organize your items into piles where like items will be kept together. Keep furniture in one area and keep household items in another. Make a map of the inside of your storage unit and place it by the door so you will be able to find items easily.

Label all boxes and bins and use color-coding for easier identification. Use different colored markers for each room so that you can scan the print until you find the color you are looking for. This will save you time and aggravation when you bring your items to a new home, as well.

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